As your resume is the first contact with the Hiring Authority or your potential boss it should be the Impactful and make a great impression. Here are some tips and examples:
For something this important I feel you should have your professionally done, however If you want to prepare your own read on.
Your resume should have “lots of white” which means wide margins and footers and headers.
Be sure to proof for spelling and grammar. Having a friend or family member read it over is a very good idea.
I prefer you don’t use abbreviation in your contact information and try to keep them at a minimum in the body of your resume. Careful with acronyms, too, not everyone knows what they mean.
ONE PAGE anything is excess of one page is a non-starter.
Show how you have progressed in your current job and taken on more responsibilities.
Lastly, the internet is filled with good information and tips on a great resume.
Here are some great examples ….